Our physical literacy Day Care programs allow childcare centers to provide additional services to parents with busy lives.


Our Day Care programming allows Day Cares to provide additional services to parents by offering enhanced or extracurricular programming right at their Day Care Centre.

Toddler and Preschool.  our age appropriate curriculum changes weekly and new lessons are added each term, keeping it fun and engaging for children.

Our physical literacy Day Care programming allows childcare centers to provide additional services to parents with busy lives, and helps to promote physical fitness and healthy living!



Enjoy a fun packed Monkeynastix lesson with a variety of safe activities and music.

Each class begins with a fun Monkeynastix song and stretching. Using our specialized equipment, children then participate in a gross motor circuit which focuses on developing a specific skill each week, such as balance (balance beam), strength (p-bar), gross motor skills (post box).

Toddlers then participate in a closing activity, where we work on children’s manipulative skills in sport development or a fine motor activity.

Our fun packed lesson ends with a closing song and Monkeynastix weekly sticker. New equipment and lessons are introduced weekly.



Help your student develop remarkable self image and confidence through the individual success they achieve in our program using our specialized equipment and more challenging classes!

Each class begins with a warm up which includes fun energetic Monkeynastix songs, stretching positions and locomotion.  Children then participate in a circuit featuring a main activity with complementary substations focusing on a particular theme such as balance, strength, floor skills, cardio, speed and agility etc.

Ending the class with a manipulative activity, children are introduced to sport skills such as kicking, catching and throwing.  We end our energy packed lesson with a fun closing song and Monkeynastix weekly sticker.

Children leave Monkeynastix feeling happy, confident and energized!  New equipment and lessons are introduced weekly expanding on the lessons learned the prior week.



Monkeynastix® currently runs term and hourly programs at numerous day cares, Montessori and private schools all across Canada. If you are interested in bringing Monkeynastix to your school, please email our office for more details or call us at 905-332-4003


Looking for activities to keep your children busy during PA Day, March Break or Summer Camps?  Monkeynastix is just the answer for your child!

If you have a special event, Monkeynastix can come to your  day care centre and provide daytime sessions, before or after care program or enhance your special event, holiday or PA day camp curriculum. 

We will customize your Monkeynastix program to suit your specific camp or special event, providing the service on an hourly basis.

Monkeynastix weekly classes run for 30 to 45 minutes for three terms (Fall, Winter & Spring) with optional summer program available. Classes run 8 to 12 weeks morning, afternoon and/or after school.

Children that register receive a term handout (t-shirt, ballcap or workbook), weekly sticker and certificate upon completion of a term. Lessons change weekly and new lessons are added each term, keeping it challenging for children.


Monkeynastix® currently runs ”in house” hourly programs at numerous day care centres where Monkeynastix is added into their physical curriculum.

Our qualified instructors will come to your day care and provide weekly programming to your children. Monkeynastix will provide the service on an hourly basis, so you can have all the children at your centre enjoy the benefits of physical activity.

Monkeynastix gives day care centre the ultimate flexibility! You choose which day and time the program will run, the number of weeks in the session and what age group. Monkeynastix provides the qualified instructors and all the equipment needed to carry out our program.

Monkeynastix will provide the day care centre with liability insurance in the amount of $5,000,000.00 and, when required, Monkeynastix will apply for permits to use their facilities.

All Monkeynastix instructors are fully qualified and have all the necessary documents needed for the Day Care Centre. Each instructor holds current First Aid and CPR C + AED training; Annual Police clearance with vulnerable sector screening; Immunization records provided – including TB test, proof of Tetanus, and proof of immunization for MMR.